In today’s world where the Information Technologies (IT) is developing at an amazing speed, the companies are not only required to accomplish their own business objectives, but they are also required to take note of the risks introduced by the use of technology.

Denetim Turkey, provides guidance and assistance to the companies regarding the risks implied by the use of technology, with its team consisting of professionals who are specialists in this field, in order to ensure that the companies fulfill their objectives, with minimum risks.

Within this context, our services which are rendered in due consideration of the existing legal arrangements available in the international and national markets (Sarbanes Oxley Law and the BRSA Information System), consist of the following:


[ico type=”icon-ok”] Information Risk Management in Independent Audit Services
[ico type=”icon-ok”] General IT Consulting and Governance services,
[ico type=”icon-ok”] IT Internal Audit and Project Consulting
[ico type=”icon-ok”] Mandatory Information Supervision Services,
[ico type=”icon-ok”] Supervision concerning compliance with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX IT) system,
[ico type=”icon-ok”] General controls, application controls applied for purposes of the presentation of reports reflecting the risks and the maturity levels of the companies regarding their Information Systems.
[ico type=”icon-ok”] The planning, designing, development, application and improvement of the processes of Information Systems,
[ico type=”icon-ok”] The management of large scale information technology projects/programs and Business Systems controls,
[ico type=”icon-ok”] The supervision of IT security, privacy and continuation.