Sales and marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Process Management Services:

Making market analysis and predicting market potential, developing brand strategies.

– Reviewing the company’s product portfolio and realizing the most appropriate product market positioning in order to maximize its revenue potential.

– Conducting market / customer surveys.

– Identifying target segments and target groups.

– Creating segmentation models, identifying key features for each segment, and identifying the segment’s wishes and needs.

– To prepare competitive analysis.

– Analyzing and reviewing pricing models, choosing the most appropriate strategies to increase revenue and profitability.

– To increase the effectiveness of marketing investments by determining the needs and benefits of marketing investments.

– Aligning product strategies with channel strategies, analyzing the operating costs of each distribution channel in the market, and evaluating the correct pricing of products or services within these channels.

– Identifying the right combination of distribution channels to successfully introduce a new product or service to the market.

– To develop a consistent and sustainable sales process in order to create a more effective sales force, to define, create and apply performance measurement criteria for the sales team.