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Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy service aims to create an accounting system that fulfills the requirements of the law and at the same time has the capacity to transfer healthy and continuous information to the management.
As Accounting and Financial Consultancy services are implemented within our organization, companies are also provided with external support, partially or completely.
With the establishment of accounting departments, preparation of technological information infrastructure, personnel selection, all accounting and payroll needs, technical knowledge, experience and professional skills, it will be under the control of our expert team who is always with you.

Our services :
– Keeping the records of the relevant companies within the framework of the legislation, professional ethics and generally accepted accounting principles with the law numbered 3568.
– To prepare the declarations based on the Repeating Article 227 of the Tax Procedure Law.
– Providing Special Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing Services to Institutions.
– To provide services related to special purpose financial reviews conducted in accordance with International Auditing Standards.
– To prepare special examination and special purpose reports required by management accounting.
– To provide support services for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the principles published by market regulatory institutions in different sectors.
– To provide services for the establishment of accounting systems and internal control systems.